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Camera Vibrating

 I am using Nokia 8, I am facing an issue with the Nokia 8 phone:

When I and clicking on the Camera App iocn, the camera is opening but the camera motor is vibrating very stong. Even the picture is also blur. Another interesting thins is when I am using the camera in an AC room the vibration is very less. And if I shake the phone the vibration stops and camera works normal until I open the app again.

I went to Nokia Care and I showed them a video as well which I made from another phone. But they only said me that you have to keep the phone we will check and see. But as I mentioned when we use the phone is AC room due to room's low temperature the vibration is much less in the motor and camera works properly. So in Nokia Care the didn't get the strong vibration and they told me that the motor vibrates, it;s normal case.

Now I am not able to use the INR 36K phone outside AC room due to the camera motor vibration problem. Even if I use it outside a room I have to face huge problems.

Please advice if someone is having same issues and how it can be resolved.

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