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Nokia 6.1 Plus Shipment/Delivery Status

I ordered Nokia 6.1 Plus on 13 Sept 2018 around 12:15PM..That to I tried to track my order, nothing is coming at all......I just want to know when my Nokia 6.1 Plus will be delivered to me  

Same problem with me ... I didn't receive any reply about shipment of my nokia 6.1 plus I hope nokia fixx the problem

I'm also facing the same problem. Also can't get the invoice.

I ordered my phone on the same date i.e 13th september at 12:00 PM. I received an Email from the nokia phones right after 10 minutes stating my order have been placed. On september 14th, 11:56 PM I got my tracking details [Delhivery]. And according to that I will get my phone on 17th september! My order #332**. Hope this was helpful!☺️
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