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Should I Buy This Phone?

Should i go for this phone? I heard that this phone had many bugs on it, I notice the problem are: 1. Bad camera 2. Screen problem at the notification position 3. Heating issues 4. Wifi problem 5. Bad battery life Did any bugs are resolve-able by software updates? If so, when this phone get next updates? And i want to know about the screen, i do a research that some phone reviewers said that the better resolution comes great when the screen are smaller, in terms of colour and pixel density, which is happen on this phone, FHD+ with 5.8 screen (i think nokia are the first one with this setup). Can we say that this phone are the best screen than any other IPS LCD phone? Does nokia 6.1 plus screen are same or better than mid range SAMOLED? Anyone compared this phone with A or J series of samsung? Thanks before. Buat ada yg di indo ada yang udah dapet selain dari preorder online? Gimana review nya? Harus ga saya update dari mid range samsung ke hape ini? Diliat dari segala aspek ya

i was really excited to buy this phone, i thought nokia back with something best.. but unfortunately after use of 7-8 days.. most of things are disappointing me.. and now there is only one thing left that i like is it's premium look, nothing else.. hope it will get better with software upadate..

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after all.. it'll be a great phone if problems will solve with software updates..
Awesome phone if you love stock Android.....
Looks and performance wise this phone is ok. But the screen and the back panel is extremely fragile.

Its a great phone to buy, 

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