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Nokia 6.1 plus giving noise on call when using earphones

I got my Nokia last week and after 2 days I got September update and then I started to hearing noises when I m using earphones on calling.. sound is Clear when I normally used the phone for calling.. but when I use earphone's microphone and when I m in outdoor conditions I m able to hear the voice perfectly but the other side person couldn't hear me they are hearing other noises more than my voice and they say my voice is low.. I used other earphones also.. is this a mobile issue.. or headphone jack fault.. Nokia please sort this there any plm with the sorrounding sound effect microphones on mobile.. Please check it...
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Sorry, you're in the wrong forum. There is a specific 6.1 Plus/X6 section available. Suggest you delete this post and repost there. Good luck!

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