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Android Pie/Sound problems question

 Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I haven't wrote here, but this is not a problem to be fair, it's more like a question. Since we all know Nokia phones have sound problems in Android Oreo, will those problems be solved in Android Pie? I really wanted to downgrade to Android Nougat but since there's nothing official to make the downgrade process easier I don't want to risk bricking my phone.

So, the final question is: Will sound problems be fixed in Android 9 or they're still going to be like in Android 8?


 I sure do hope so. Turning my damn Wifi off every time I want to stream music to my car via Bluetooth is gettin real old. Otherwise, it drops out every time it picks up a new Wifi signal it seems

On the contrary, my device's audio has greatly improved since Oreo. I have read more than one case on this issue, but I'm not having such.
We hope so!Nokia will fix it.But is there anyone who can tell me that wheather nokia releases android pie update to any of their phones?
My question how many of you have switched ROMs before said issues as I have none of them and have tried just about every damn variant EXCEPT PIE. Hurry up and if you don't know don't forget with your phone.

 Alright, when I bought one phone which is nearly 1 year since the last Christmas, I had not a single problem with the sound. It was just pure and powerful like it is supposed to be but since this oreo update sound is just distorted at maximum volume. Also when someone calls me with this thing turned on it's not loud but rather quiet so... I keep it deactivated as a fix... I really want to switch back to Android 7 but i don't know, I don't want to brick it or something like that..

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