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Not receiving V2.22m Android Oreo update.

After downgrading from Android 9 Pie DP4 1 V3.190 to Oreo 8.1 August patch two days back, I haven't yet received the V2.22m August security patch which was rolled out recently . I have unregistered from the beta programs but that isn't solving the issue. Do I have to flash the latest firmware?

Same here, rolled back yesterday still not recieved the update and more over not able to see the new camera update
Go to setting and open storage than select other apps and search "Google service framework" Open Google service framework and clear data than restart your phone. You will get ur update
@Satyaprakash repeated the process thrice, still no updates.
I installed the update by side load method, never clear the services frameworks it is the global cataloge for apps on Google servers, you can refer to XDA for side loading
@mehtasameer can you please share the link.

I am trying to post the link but website it's not allowing to post just search for Nokia 7 plus XDA forums there you will find it

Okay I found the XDA forum. Thanks for helping. Cheers.
Okay I'm having problems while flashing the firmware (some sideload error) well that's not the isssue I want to address. My concern is What about the next update, do we have to flash manually or the OTA will be fixed. Because I feel something's wrong with the device certification resulting in the unavailability of the update/patches.
What kind of error ,did you download the patch from edwaines thread in XDA ,and no we will get normal updates ,if you want you can WhatsApp me ,I can share my number
What's your model number is it 1046 ,I don't think there will be any issues,what kind of certification are you saying please elaborate
Yes it's a TA-1046 variant. What I meant to say is phones often doesn't receive any updates when the device is uncertified (happened with nokia 6). Can I flash the zip from storage rather than adb because after "adb sideload ota file.zip" command it shows an error "sideload requires an argument' and nothing happens beyond that.
1.uncertified? Where is it showing you that the device is uncertified?side loading does not uncertify a device. 2.yes you can install the patch by copying it to the SD card,not sure about internal storage.if it gives you an option to apply from internal storage please try it,I know it gives an option to software patch from SD card . 3.i hope you have enabled usb debugging in the developer options and also authorised the token for the device to PC for accessing the phone by ADB commands .this happens when you connect the phone to PC and give the and devices command the phone will prompt you to authorise you have to accept,just an info.
I have rolled back twice from beta and got the updates as normal ,but as usual when you roll back it takes time to recieve the latest patch just after the roll back ,so no issues in recieving the official updates
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