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Another bug for nokia 8

Idle battery drain on nokia 8 TA-1004 is so huge that it went from 25% at night to 4% in the morning without any usage. (Glance screen was on, timeout 1min.- don't consider this as an excuse for drain because if you cannot manage this properly, then don't go for it) I found that the speaker gives a white noise even when there are no sounds playing, and even during screen off. I found this when i put the speaker close to my ear. Unfortunately the guy whom i sold my nokia 8 returned it back saying the battery drain was so huge. Damn. Looks like i fall in a trap.

Clearly the phone has a manufacturing fault and is covered under warranty.

Everything was perfect and fine, battery was awesome when i had nougat.... Everthing went down drastically until i updated to oreo.
I was so happy when i bought this... It was like I'm the happiest one on earth... 7 hours of screen on time was the greatest excitement i had.... Everything fall apart when i updated to oreo... That's why I'm shouting here like mad... People who are satisfied with the phone doesn't speak up... Whereas i think there will be a percent of people who are trapped like me
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