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Poor battery performance

Battery drains very fast

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Yes same here
Battery backup is battery settings turn battery activity manager on.

how much battery backup you are getting in screen on time when you charged ur phone to 100%  after that 

yes, battery drains very fast as its running in Olympics game..
Sudhanshuprajpati, am not heavy gamer, regular usage battery backup i get around 6.30 sot with 20-25% battery remaining, with battery activity manager turn on including WhatsApp/Instagram, 4g data/WiFi off when not in use.
Thanks harpreet

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With always data/WiFi on, location scanning on & background apps running on ie Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram, one will not get battery backup even with 4000-5000mah battery. With Lil tricks one can have best battery backup in any phone.

yup battery is drain by very fast. even nokia 6.1+ lose the battery backup compare to my 5000 rupee old mobile. i need to return my mobile is this any options please be update me.Please do needful.. Nokia 6.1+ is worthless mobile.

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