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Is there any way i can talk to someone who is responsible for hearing bug reports and take necessary actions?

I am fed up with this. I bought a nokia 8 after a long wait of 6 years, after using a galaxy s2. All i face is bugs bugs and nothing else. I never had a good time with this phone as all my posts here are of bug reports. I tried to sell the phone but it came back saying it had an awesome overnight battery drain. I feel like i fell into some kind of trap. Please, there is a good life outside. I don't want to spend it by facing bugs. I would love to make nokia a better company by giving better experience to it's customers by reporting bugs. That's why i only post bug reports than some nonsense conversation... Dear moderators and big people of this community, show me a way to report these bugs in a straightforward manner so that i can also be a part of making this company more better. SERIOUSLY.

You could try the support app.

I'd suggest you do a factory reset and when the phone restarts do not use a back up, start afresh then you are not carrying anything over from a previous backup.

I already did.

I'd say your phone is faulty then because no one else appears to be having such a large amount of problems as you so clearly it isn't common place, i would use your warranty for replacement or repair.

Many of them have, so i thought this phone might be having bugs... You can check on xda and all

And yet we have 2 Nokia 8s in our house and both have been absolutely brilliant with the exception the poor low light performance of the camera.

As with all electronic items you are going to get faulty ones and sadly the people that are happy with a device don't post, you only get to see the people having problems and in the grand scheme of things this is only a very small percentage of the overall user base.

You're right Mr belter, it is some sort of "non-survivor bias". After all that's the point of these forums. But still, there are people with serious problems with at least the Nokia 8. Personally I don't know the percentage of all buyers. And I obviously wouldn't be able to compare it to the ones of other companies. But for those of us who are affected this is obviously a highly disappointing experience. That's the hardware side of things. It's always possible to have a faulty device. Sure. But it's inexcusable in my opinion when warranty is simply being denied by Nokia. Equally disappointing is the way Nokia does not communicate with its users. The support app left me wondering many times actually, to put it mildly, who is actually on the other end of the line... And when they finally are out of unhelpful answers and want to "escalate" the topic at hand you'll never hear from them again. I do understand that this user's surprise turned into disappointment turned into frustration. It happened to myself.

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I think the biggest disappointment of all Felix (and you have already covered it) is that Nokia don't communicate, it makes it incredibly frustrating for the people with problems, it is like banging your head against a wall.

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When i updated to oreo, i really felt like I'm not alone in this planet with nokia 8... Many others have the same problem... And yes MrBelter, this is like banging your head against the wall.... I loved nokia 8 because of its great features... I am unable to replace it because this phone was bought from saudi and I'm in india right now... And if I'm planning to replace it will happen only on next year and by the time, the warranty is finished...
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