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Instagram app lags

I don't know if anyone else is facing this issue. And I know it's perfectly an app incompatibility. However, it has been 3 security monthly updates and still on my phone the same Instagram page and force closes vehemently. Fed up as I use Instagram a lot and feels sad that it's happening on Android one.

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I'm also have this problem. Though I don't use instagram much it happens sometimes. also I've one more problem with instagram. When I open search option in instagram and long press on any picture to pop it up, and from there when I directly go to home page, after popping up the image, home screen gets highlighted with transparent white colour. Try doing this also and tell me if it happens with you
It's not a phone related issue. After every 3-4 updates of Instagram, users complain about lagging, though the lag happens to be seen on every android phone. Report it to Instagram developers on Play Store.
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