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Not able to buy since last 2 weeks.Not sure Nokia is carried away by such small success

I am not able to buy it online since last 2 weeks.Not sure when they are opening sale and closing. Same case with Nokia site and flipkart.Today I can see Amazon india is increasing the price by 3k and selling.Not sure why Nokia is doing it.They have chance to get back the market share.I will wait for a week and go for other models since my exisiting model is not performing well..Prashanth Kumar Bangalore

Don't buy 6.1 due to poor Gorilla glass. It slept from my hand & heir crack was observed in bottom when I call Nokia care they told me it will be replaced in chargeable basis which cost 70% of the instrument.what is the meaning of Gorilla glass. I am fade up with Nokia. Atleast they have to replace it on chargeable basis.
The demand is too high because in this price you're getting really awesome phone... Android one, good camera and for better camera quality use Google camera, SD 636, crispy display, design, and no one buy other competitors phone...I'm lucky got in first flash sale. Nokia didn't expect huge demand in India so currently they are lacking in providing this phone at huge number but wait is worth when u get this beauty in your hand. It's already famous in China...soon we will get Pie... Nokia is also provided timely updates...see what happened with one buy
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