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Paint chips off easily

Community Hero

Hi all, Recently I've beena but clumsy and my phone has suffered a few minor falls. Nothing more than 30cm and often ontoa smooth hard surface. Even onto a smooth surface the paint seems to chip very easily. My phone now has paint chips on the back on every corner. My N8 and Lumia 925 suffered worse falls and didn't chip so badly. Is there any way to polish or the chips? HMD should consider a tougher coating for future flagships. Cheers :)

I was under the impression the Nokia 8 was anodised not painted, anodising is generally very tough but once it is off you have had it, anodising isn't something you can just do at home.

Thank goodness cases are available for the a phone which is like a bar of wet soap in your hands.

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Tech Wizard

Please note, the top & bottom and the rounded corners on Nokia 8 is made of plastic, for the antennas in the phone to work...

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 They are coloured all the way through the material.

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@MrBelter, thanks again for correcting me ;) You're right, the coating is anodised. Considering this, it seems like a very thin coating, not as tough as I would expect anodising to be. So, alas, no easy fix :(

@Hans, yes I am aware that the corners are plastic (almost perfect colour match). If you draw a line diagonally from the corners to the centre of the phone then my phone seems to get easily marked just inwards from the corners, where the apex of the body curve is on these "shoulders".

Anodising leaves only a very thin layer of oxidized material mate, 15nm thick at best :-)

Community Hero

Well okay, thin, but not tough. I thought anodising was a tough finish.

Your observation about being as slippy as soap is very accurate!

I don't know mate ill be honest, maybe you was just unlucky, i have had anodised mountain bike parts scratch really easy in the past so i know it looks a right mess when it happens.

MadBilly i know this is a bit drastic but have you thought about taking the lot off and then after a bit of masking taping you could spray it any colour you wanted really.

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Community Hero

Well that is an option! For now my phone isn't looking that sorry for itself so I will wait until it's out of warranty before trying anything so exciting!

Cheers :)

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