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UUse both speakers for ringtones, alarms etc

I noticed that the Nokia 2.1 uses only the bottom speaker for ringtones, alarms, speakerphone and other notification sounds. Unfortunately the sound volume is not high enougg even at max sound level. When playing media files like music or watching a clip, the phone uses both front speakers and the sound volume is very loud. Would it be possible in a future update to make the phone use both speakers for ringtones, alarms etc. I know from my old Motorola phone, which had the speaker in the earpiece, that in case of an incoming call the ringtone volume would be very low for the first 1-2 seconds to protect the human ear. After these initial 1-2 seconds the ringtone volume would turn to the set volume level. Maybe Nokia could implement a security measure like this and use both speakers for all sounds. I think the Nokia 2.1 has very good stereo front speakers and it would be a shame not to use them for all sounds.
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