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Android 9.0

Anybody knows when will the Nokia 7 plus get the official 9.0 update .. it is already past the first quarter of September . Sarvikas sir said on the official launch date of Nokia 6.1 plus that the official rollout would be out by the first quarter of the month but still no update. Anyone has any clue on when 9.0 will be rolled out . And does the last beta version of 9.0 has any bugs what so ever ?

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My guess it will be released before the end of this week and I don't think there are many bugs in the latest beta update.but i heard users complaining of wifi scanning .but I guess that build should be almost final

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Thanks for the immediate reply. Let's hope for the best that the update come in this week only .. really excited to use the 9.0.

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Hello, does anybody know, when the Google Pay will work correctly on Android 9 Pie? I cant set up contactless payment to each of my cards adhered to my Google account

It starts only when the newest stable version is available for download. There are still many bugs in the Beta version.

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