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Nokia 6.1 plus giving noise on call when using earphones

I got my Nokia last week and after 2 days I got September update and then I started to hearing noises when I m using earphones on calling.. sound is Clear when I normally used the phone for calling.. but when I use earphone's microphone and when I m in outdoor conditions I m able to hear the voice perfectly but the other side person couldn't hear me they are hearing other noises more than my voice and they say my voice is low.. I used other earphones also.. is this a mobile issue.. or headphone jack fault.. Nokia please sort this there any problem with the surrounding sound effect microphones on mobile.. Please check it...

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Did you get any solution. Cause i am having the same problem.
Hi, I am also facing the issue. When I call using the headphones there is buzzing sound and the person on other side can't hear the sound properly and very low voice. Also sometimes playing music using headphones has this buzzing sound. I tried different headphones but issue remains the same.
For buzzing sound i have found a trick. You need to turn off 'Access with Voice Match'. For this you have to go to- Settings>Google>Search, Assistant & Voice>Voice>Voice Match Here, turn off the 'Access with Voice Match' feature. Restart and you will not hear the disturbances it was causing while playing music and on call. I've found thia by trial and error.
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