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Brand that One can trust

Hi Nokia,

I have been a loyal customer of Nokia since a long time, as my age i have seen Nokia Growing all knows that every body had the up's and Down with the time but the Champion always make their way ahead of others and with Nokia x series is is the proof.

Not only cost Effective but also the unbeatable quality is the key to success for Nokia.

From Nokia 3310, 1108, 6600, 7610, 6681, N - Series have have been with Nokia in the you can imagine for the time Nokia was not there in the Market i switched to say 10 Android phone and not satisfied with any of them and always missed Nokia.

Afterwards i purchased iphone 7 with which i was satisfied and can compare with Nokia, as now Nokia is back in Market we all want it be a Leader again and  make people happy.

Few things that need to be addressed as i am a loyal customer to Nokia i find the services a little bit slow as i have ordered Nokia 6.1 Plus on 13-09-2018 but its not yet shipped and the customer care have no information about this as Nokia is back in the Market i want it to leave no space for critics and want Nokia to rule the World.

Request you to Please look in the case and make Nokia Brand with name  _ Nokia

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