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Software issues I would like to see addressed

Just got the Nokia 6.1 plus today and am impressed with it! It's a great phone however, I found some issues with the software which I would like to see addressed: 

1) The first issue is the lack of "Add items to home screen" toggle in the home launcher options - It's getting very annoying that this option is missing from the 6.1 plus even though it's a stock android one phone! Every time I install an app from the google play store it keeps on putting new icons on my home screen and there is no way to switch it off. 

Phone's model no is TA-1083 and I can't find the option in the play store either (I think android oreo onwards google made this option device's home launcher specific but it's missing in 6.1 plus for some reason and I would like to have it asap)

2) Bring back the battery percentage indicator - I used my friends 6.1 plus before purchasing and it used to had the battery percentage indicator but after the August security update it's no more there. Would like to have it back in the next update because pulling down the notification bar every time to check the battery status is not a solution. 

Some people may comment that use the "system UI tuner" but that one looks fugly and displays the battery number inside the battery bar, which am not a fan of.

3) Revert back to the 2 separate sim card status bars and bring back the option to hide the notch as well.

Here's a link to the video how it looked before 

Notice that the sim card's used to have 2 separate identities but now after the August patch they are cramped into one single line for no reason (which looks ugly too)

P.S. - IK software developers are doing this to accommodate the space for notches, but Nokia pls try to find some other solution instead of cramming things into one line to accustom them.

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