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Pathetic piece of customer service provided by Nokia

I don't understand what Nokia is upto, After the return of Nokia, never in my past have I received services without paying cash even when it falls under all sort of fake warranties....its the 16th day after i received this phone, had no issues till yesterday... suddenly the glass screen reflected a crack, which is a manufacturing defect which arose out of nowhere, As per Nokia's high claims this Glass is supposed to be Gorilla glass 3...I think Nokia is fooling people...they have hired executives who don't even have a human brain to listen and understand, i don't understand how they justify their salary, why this product's physical damage should be entertained! There is no dent, no physical harm caused to the phone which can be detected if Nokia can afford to have that machinery.... The resolution that the staff at Nokia service centre has is just to quote their price which is 6k for a 16k phone which hardly lasted for 16 days .... Great Nokia!!! Excellent comeback...Stop fooling people and if you feel products can have a defect may be in the hardware that was used...get in touch...however this is my second instance the first one was with my current phone 7plus.

However this time i won't be sparing you guy's I'll go social to save customers like me... I'll make sure

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 Same problem with my phone. What should we do?

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