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September 2018 Google Security Patch

Hi Nokia 8 users, 

Has any of you received the 2018 Google Security Patch Update? If you have received it please indicate. Also tell us your region. I'm asking because today is September 17 and we usually receive the 0TA update latest between 15th and 17th of each month .

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I'm downloading it now in Nigeria (TA-1004) 


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I'm downloading it now in Nigeria TA-1004 

 Got it in the UK TA-1012 80.2MB

Italy too (TA-1004), same size

Updating as we speak, 80.2 MB, Taiwan.
Just checked and installing it now. My Nokia 8 is the TA10-12 in the UK using a BT mobile SIM
Received in malaysia


I also got it in Romania on 19th September (TA-1004)

Received yesterday (23rd). Location - UK Network - ID Mobile.
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