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Touch unresponsive

I have received my brand new nokia 6.1 plus yesterday. Today, I am facing a weird issue. I opened youtube and started playing video in portrait mode. I rotated my device to landscape mode (Auto rotate feature is enabled). I tried to seek the video by 10 sec by double tapping my fingers on the right side of the screen which worked perfectly. After allowing the video to play for 10 seconds without disturbing it and at this instant, when I tried to seek again, the right part of the touch is unresponsive. At this moment, the left part of the screen is responsive. To my surprise, when I touched the left part of the screen while playing the video, the touch is active and right part also became responsive. As long as I do not activate the left part of the touch, the right part was unresponsive. The touch has no issues with portrait mode. Every part of the touch screen is working fine when I operate the phone in portrait mode. The right part of the touch has issues only when I use the mobile in landscape mode. Not only I checked with videos but also with pdf files too. I couldn't understand the problem. Whenever the right part of the touch becomes unresponsive (landscape mode) I have to rotate the mobile to bring it to portrait mode and change back to landscape mode by rotating again so that the right part of the touch becomes responsive for sometime and again it becomes unresponsive after some delay.

NOTE - I have updated with the latest security patch and even all the apps are updated till now. 

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Run Quikr scanner app and check everything is working properly
I ran Quikr scanner app tests. Air temperature test, AirPressure Test and Humidity tests are marked RED by the app
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