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Request list of Nokia smartphones capable of FM radio from airwaves out of the box

Hi, new here, tried to search this topic but found no good thread on this. I do not have a Nokia smartphone but i intend it to be my next phone.

I need a definite list of Nokia android smartphones that are capable of FM radio out of the box. No nextradio, no internet radio, no hardware unlocking shenanigans. Just regular airwaves on an easy to use app.

I could not find this info on the product pages, the only reliable way is to actually go to a store and try each phone individually. Since Nokia does not distribute to my country this is unfeasible. I need solid info over the internet.

For instance, from all the reviews and info i collected i'm led to believe that the nokia 6.1 is FM radio capable, but the 6.1 Plus is not. This is all very confusing, and i'm not entering into regional versions or carrier locked versions which may or may not disable this functionality.

So there is my request: which Nokia Android smartphones can play fm radio from airwaves out of the box?

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This information is listed in the user guides which you can find here:

Can you make a list and post it here?

Cheers :)

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Thanks madbilly! Took me a while to answer since i keep losing my login here.

The rule seemed to be: FM radio was for all Nokia 6 below, 7 and up did not have FM radio. The curveball now is that the 7.1 DOES have FM radio. Maybe the specs in the 7.1 are so like 6.1 plus that they throwed it in.

There are rumors of an SD710 equipped 7.1 plus on the works. I would REALLY like to know if that will have FM radio.

I would also love to have a rehash of the 6.1 (aluminum body, no screen unibrow) with a stronger chipset and FM radio, but it seems notches and glass backs are the new norm.

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Thanks for the summary - that's what I remember from when I last looked too.

Great to see that the 7.1 has FM radio, I hope this means HMD have listened and will put it on all models in the future.

I'd also like to see digital radio compatibility, but that's very very rare on any phone.

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