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Image keeps on processing

The first image clicked using Nokia camera app keeps on processing in google photos till the camera app is force stopped. After which there is the same issue. Yeah but the second image responds perfectly. Does anyone else face the same glitch in the Nokia camera app?

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Yes me too! I faced with all issues that is possible with a camera app. Soo hopefully we dont get again any fixes to camera on next update

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I'm too stuck with that problem. But for me, all the images taken on the camera is processing very slowly and show black screen. If I take three or more pictures, it shows only one and that too processing. The shutter speed is also very slow. If the camera was fixed with an update, the Nokia 6.1 plus is so awesome.

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Same problem here since September update

Don't panic^ It will be fixed in next update that arrives on 2030 just be calm and wait :D

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I have the same problem. When I take a photo in a dark room, the photo stays in the process. I have to end the camera then always in the app settings.

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My wife's Nokia 6.1 (TA-1045 / US) is having the same issue. She had to downgrade from the latest camera update to partially resolve.

Changing the 'Data storage' from 'In phone memory' to 'On SD card' in the camera app settings solved this issue for me.

Nops for me don't work it's a same bug on both memory

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Yesterday i watched Nokia 7.1 launch Event So There is mentioned Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 6.1 Plus will get Android Pie Updates In October.Nokia 8 and Nokia 8 Sirocco will get Pie Update in November.

I did what @NokiaFanBoy did. Went to apps > camera and reverted to default. That stopped the problem for me.

Same problem on TA-1050, introduced with the 247mb camera app update that "fixed" the hanging problem...
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