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next bug is found -

Well... sometimes my sms messages are disappearing, and it looks like never received.

I got it too... so sad... waiting for update is taking too long. If update don't come out any time soon (very soon), I am considering to change my phone.

Me too. This is the end of my Nokia dream. I was trying very, very hard to come back to Nokia brand... it's not possible. Now, it's clear. Bugs are not the problem. No updates makes me crazy.

Same here, I found this bug to be one of the most irritating thing about this phone...I also found others bug such as, when you close the slider and opened again, the sistem move on it's own, like pressing a button on the keypad...sometimes you need to press on the button two times because is not responding the first time...a lot of bugs that should have not exist in the first place...sad, sad, sad, because I just love the design and the idea of this phone...but no updates when there are really problematic bugs?...I don't care about games, or whatsapp, or other app's...but AT LEAST, MAKE THE BASIC FUNCTIONS OF THE PHONE TO WORK PROPERLY! Thank you!

  I too face a number of issues which I always make known to KaiOS Technologies. There was a case where they could not help because they told me they always need to recreate the complaint, only then, is it possible to detect the cause and come up with the remedial measure. They said if my complaint doesn't appear in other Nokia 8110 4G, it was unique to my phone and if a factory reset could not solve it, then could be a hardware issue

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