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Black Screen, cannot unlock my Nokia 8

My Nokia 8 used for 5 months has a major issue - the screen is frozen and I cannot unlock it, access data on it nor do a hard reset. The phone responds to input through side buttons and fingerprint - but because of soft restart, I need to do the pattern as well to unlock it, which is not possible. I can also hear incoming calls and notifications, so the phone is working fine, it's just the display.

There was a moment when it worked after being left alone for some time. Then the screen started flickering and after getting locked, it froze again and right now it is impossible to do anything. 

The bug is almost identical to the one discussed in this thread on Nokia 3:

No answers so far. The support was not very supportive, merely recommended me to visit local "care center". I guess warranty, especially in regard to continuous issues across devices, does not mean much.

Someone else experienced this?

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