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Nokia Camera Update not available for Nokia 7 plus now ??

After the recent camera update, not pleased with the UI hence disabled the app to go back to factory version (default version). Then I enabled the app and it is now of the same version which was there when I purchased N7plus.

But now when I go to google play store just to check, I should have been getting the Nokia Camera update there, but looks like nothing is available there. Has nokia pulled back the update for Nokia 7 Plus ?

Anybody any idea ?

Best Answer
Yea.. Nokia has pulled the update.. Nokia camera app itself is missing...

I searched for Nokia Camera app from browser. Once I click on yhe app Play Store gives message this app is incompatible with any of your devices. So is it safe to assume that Nokia has withdrawn the lateet camera update for Nokia 7 plus??


Yea.. Nokia has pulled the update.. Nokia camera app itself is missing...

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Install google camera it's better in every expect , no doubt , even the portrait has better edge detection
Yep. I was using gcam from Day 1. Unless nokia comes up with atleast something vlose to it, gcam is for our rescue. Thank XDA... Using nokis cam for videos as dound is very low from gcam videos...

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Good question..? Low light camera performance bad...
New camera update has landed in the playstore 155meg update so should be interesting to see what they've fixed it maybe a release before pie it launched
It's less than 5 MB for me
My camera today is shit...lost a lot of pics too!, don't know who's fault but this is rubbish...I feel like their lab rat,I would like to give the phone back as only 3mo old....why I should try to remove the updates when they launched them...? Just done two small vids and my phone said "can't play video!" 樂
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