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Front glass quality is very poor

I have bought Nokia 6.1 plus js 3 days ago via Flipkart.As per your assurance you provide this mobile with gorilla glass front screen but all your commetments are fussy.Today morning this mobile very slightly hit against the wall and still was in my hand ,it neither fell off nor hit so hard still after that its glass broke at that instance. So basically you making us fool with saying"we came with this ka baap".you are still nothing.It is my mistake to make believe you.

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Same thing was happened with me.

Back glass was broken at one edge while the phone just slipped from 1 inch and hit the floor very veryy lightly.

Very delicate phone, really making us fool by saying both the sides are protected with gorilla galss.

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 I feel sorry for you. But you have just assumed too much. A phone display is glass and every glass is fragile. All smartphones use a similar touch glass setup.

Gorilla glass is just a slightly toughened and scratch resistant glass. It is still a glass and is prone to breaking if it gets hit against another hard object.

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But the hit was very slight.I know every glass is prone to breaking but it should not be so fragile.I think you come again in market for going back again. I don't know how to you deal with such sort of topic even you don't give satisfactory assurance

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I know you wouldn't take any action,So how much I have to pay for assembling new glass because screen is still working very well .

I am a Nokia user like you, not a Nokia employee. I have a Nokia 7, with glass on both sides. Been using it for over an year now and it is still perfectly fine.

The impact that appears minor to you might not be minor for the glass. Anyhow, Nokia (or any other company) will not help you with this. You need to visit a Nokia care point to know the cost of a replacement display. It will be a pricey component though and will cost you approximately 50% of your phone's value.

The touch and display are fused together and come as a single unit. So, even if your display works, the entire display assembly will be replaced. This is the same for most of the modern smartphones. Unofficial repair shops can sometimes manage to replace the glass only, but that is on your own risk.

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Totally in agreement with user1536304021832, I saw multiple scratches within 1 week of use(cautious, new phone is always cared for couple of weeks). I raised this issue with Nokia customer care and got reply as - it scratch resistant not scratch proof. I have used MI note 4 and it screen is far better than Nokia 6.1 plus in term of durability.

Rajesh paul Mi note 4 hasn't released yet.....where you purchased.....

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Indeed the glass is of poor quality. Those who are giving gyan will find out sooner than later. Most of us are or have been nokia's fan but that doesn't mean we should defend something that is indefensible. Mine broke from mere 1 feet low at most (it happened while i changing my jeans and the phone just slipped out of my jeans pocket). I have other phones that have survived 6-8 times that height. Besides you can also find people complaining about the back glass as well. I'm not here seeking any compensation. Its something that should reported so that others owner of this handset ensure extreme care for this rediculously fragile device.

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Gorilla glass is for scratch protection for for breakage protection. Get a tempered glass. this is a standard for any mobile. My friend had iphone x and it also fell and broke. 1L rupee phone. how can we expect 16k phone will not break.

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Still I am having Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) model, glass metal sandwich design. Using for more than 2 years. Didn't broke. Now having this amazing Nokia 6.1 Plus, no problem. Was having Mi A1, glass broken, it was Gorilla. So to conclude, any phone from any manufacturer who is providing Gorilla will certainly break if it falls in a particular degree. Nothing to blame Nokia.

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How much I have to pay approx to replace the gorilla glass of my phone nokia.1? Is it available in nokia service center? Can I get it done from outside mobile centers.
I have also having same problem mobile slept from my hand and found crack at the bottom of phone. I asked how it cost me to repair. Still no reply.

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I agree that glass quality with Nokia 6.1 plus is very poor. Mine front glass cracked by mere small light weight plastic bottle failing from less than 1ft. My previous mi4i phone last for four year without cover even after my baby thrown it so many times. HMD is compromising with build quality to compete with Chinese.

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I dropped it on the first day. I put it on a pile of paper on my desk, it actually slipped off my desk and broke the glass. You must use a case for this phone to prevent it from slipping and protect the glass in case it drops.
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