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Screen brightness issues

I've posted this on xda-developers already. But perhaps it's good to post it here as well.

There is an issue with the screen brightness of a certain batch of phones.

See this topic, including photographs.

Short version:

If you go to "settings -> system -> about phone" near the bottom you'll see the Firmware version of touch panel.

Mine was Novatek-V07 (the goodix part is about the finger print sensor), which is the afflicted batch. Basicly, your phone's brightness won't go below 16%, which means you are blinded by the light in dark environments. My collegue just had "07", which is the right version. I've tried to have my phone swapped, but the shop wouldn't do it, it had to be repaired. Sadly, my phone was gone for 2 weeks. They've done a boardswap, and when it came back, i was also on version "07". Brightness issues were gone!!

Hopefully Nokia can fix the Novatek-V07 with software updates, if not. Let your phone be repaired, or if you aren't bothered with it. Enjoy your phone :)

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This community doesn't seem to care about hardware issues bit is focused on the pie update. I have this issue and have trouble getting it to service since all their units have this as well and treats it as "normal". It's so infuriating. 

Who are "they" in your reply? Nokia? Your phone seller?

In the Netherlands it's normal to go to the seller, and the seller agreed that it wasn't as it supposed to be. So we had it shipped off for repairs. Luckily, my problem is fixed But it seems to be that all phones sold from july and later have the same Novatek-V07 problem. It's poor quality control from Nokia sadly. Perhaps some buyers can find an old supply of Nokia 7+ with the right display-controller firmware version. But most who will buy now, will get the crappy one. 

I actively discourage people from buying this phone now. Until it's recognised and fixed.

where you able to get yours replaced or repaired @user1537184141974

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