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September 2018 security update

Based on past performance we should be receiving this update now. Anyone received it yet? I am puzzled as to why it takes HMD so long to process these as the phones are virtually all stock Android.

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You should try owning a Motorola for a bit, you would think HMD are magical wizards blessed with unearthly powers then.

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So long? to date, we have all received monthly security patches... on the respective month. It is at beginning of the month, in the middle, at the end, who cares?

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The update will surely come. Patience.

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update is now available;)

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See? Just a bit of patience!

 For a perspective: My wife's Nexus 5x received the September security patch on Friday 14th of September. Usually she receives those updates on the 4th to 7th each month. So I guess, Google was late to release this month.

Finally, Just received it in Belgium. We need the update for Android Pie please.
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