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Missing features please add some of these on android Pie

1)Do not (vibrate) on fingerprint unlocking the phone. 2)icon packs in launcher 3 3)otp /mesge copy button 4)phone heats a bit for charging 0 to 50℅ 5)app lock 6)dual apps 7)press and hold back button to lock the screen of the phone 8)Dolby atmos 9)gesture for multitskng and back like Nokia x6 Chinese version 10)internet speed meter 11)airtel volte Nokia 6.1 plus is not shwng for volte devices on the airtel website 12)music app 13)manual selctn of dark light or auto theme 14)replace stock camera for google can 15)4k 30 fps 16)Long screenshorts 17)vdo and ytbpe shud be automtclly open zoom to stretch view

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Yess i also need this features
Yes, please... These are must add features.
You can also add double tab on fringerprint sensor to lock the screen

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whao!!! How about asking Nokia to provide Miui for 6.1+. I hope Nokia doesn't any extra feature mentioned above except 16th point.
point 1 4 11 12 13 can be done easily if they want
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