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Camera issue

Please fix camera issue its shutter stop to take photo and taking photo in gallery 'processing' too much

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I have the same problem

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When I take photo in low light flash glow yellow light not white please solve this problem

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reason of buying this fone is camera & processor but after using i observed some key points which nokia had to solve it ASAP to remain in the market .

RAM management - time to process the image is very slow.

even to change  the wallpaper , system takes too much time.

voice in the speaker during call is gone , sometime in earpiece also .

clarity of the camera is not appropriate .

system even takes 3-4 sec to save the file .

still blocked messages are popping .

i exactly don't know  the name of sensor which is placed beside the earpiece is not working should sense properly to turn off the backlight after receiving the call.

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I have the same problem

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I have same issue
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