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Ringing sound for outgoing calls

I cannot hear any sound of ringing or busy tone or anything( it's complete silence) until the person on the other side either picks up the call or else it just cut the connection without any information of whether the call went or not.

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 Seems more like a SIM Card/Operator issue as you are able to hear it once the call gets handled. I'd recommend that you try again with a SIM card from a different operator to double check it.

Thank you, it works in other operators. But the one with issue is my primary network and it works normal in other phones. What might be a solution i tried everything reinserting the sim, restarting the phone, aeroplane mode but nothing worked. I really want a help with it

Even I've tried by inserting sim on other phones and other sim in my nokia 7 plus, restarted phone many times. still its occurring. Can some one help me on this or give the solutions

It is weird and unfortunately my phone too have developed this slowly after August patch.
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