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Old Symbian phones with extreme power

Some years ago, I was a Nokia fan boy... I was using many Nokia phones (from 3310, 1100, 6600, 7210, 6230i, n73 and finally n95) I loved them all, finally Android came to the podium, I had many of them, then time for Apple... from iPhone 5s to iPhone X, I have completely addicted to Apple features and became a fanboy of apple products, now time has changed and people mindset also changing as well. Nokia took a bold step with 3310 newer version and we love it as a secondary phone... now we have iPhone in our hand, but still missing the Nokia quality and Nokia old phones... our wish is, Nokia has to take bold step to recover old phones with advanced Symbian OS and powerful processors, we love to have all old Nokia phones in our hand... now people fed up with touch screen phones like Apple and android... have a happy future... by Mohabath Khan... Nokia’s Fan forever...☺️

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Do you mean Symbian phones without touch screens? Or that had a touchscreen and a keyboard?

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