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September security patch

When to expect it's already 20 days passed of September. Donno but seems like Nokia has started to focus on new device launch... neglecting the fast update promise.

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The September security comes with a Pie update. Wait.

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Other companies are still in beta, atleast nokia is providing an update soon, no issues in waiting as only pjhones with pie is pixel

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Just 4 to complete the month still there is no sept security patch.
#FINLAND for your kind information Nokia haven't efficient to role out android pie stable, so give us monthly security updates as promise, u take 1or more year to developer android pie藍藍藍藍. Nokia have not capacity for android pie. Please follow one plus who cannot lacture about android pie, they do it with customise rom.. Have any answer about it FINDLAND OR LAURA藍藍藍
Today Pie update rolled out for One plus 6. What's the benefit of being on Nokia 7plus and that's still with android one platform. Very poor performance of Nokia in rolling out new updates.Nokia is more concentric about new launches rather than. Providing timely updates and new features
Just received September security patch in UK today October 9th , so much for monthly updates. But it was without Android 9 update.
Got my security patch today in the UK but Finland said in another post pie will be rolled out in November.
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