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Problem with Call waiting

When I'm in a call, the other person who calls me gets a busy message and the other call is not showing on my phone. I've set the option to show call waiting, but still, the issue is there. When I put my sim in another phone the issue was solved. So the problem is either with the phone or with the app. Can anybody help with this matter?

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Greetings! It's a service provider related issue. You'll have to contact your provider, or dial the number which changes your call waiting setting (this number is different on each provider). Changing/resetting phones can really mix up the provider settings sometimes.
This only happens in airtel.. shocking ! Soln.. just move ur sim to a new phone activate via *43# Then move back to 7 plus.. Problem is with airtel
Yes I have same problem facing for my new Nokia 7plus , I already try all ways but still problem not sortout

i have also face same problem with idea and airtel.

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