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August & September update,No mobile data connectivity - TA1041- Nokia 7

After installed the August update, My Nokia 7‘s mobile data is not working.  After installed the Sept update, The problem remains unresolved. 

I tried it many timesmany ways restarted my phone, turned the mobile data off and on again and removed the SIM, but no effect. 

before , I had the same  problem, after I  installed the newest update, the problem was resolved. 

I think nokia 7's OS had a bug about mobile data. 

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Haizz, i live in VN, my phone not working mobile network too, big bug 

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Vietnam, too. You can use 4G of Vietnamobile carrier. I can't use 4G of all operators remain. Wait for 3 months but no hope :(

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Same here. I've tried full phone reset, SIMs from different operators but still no luck. No way to return to 7.1.1 or 8.0, now way to make mobile data available so the phone is almost useless :(

Laos sim card. 

 The Nokia 7 (after 8.1 update) only included the CN modem. The CN modem has support for limited bands and does not support 4G or Mobile Data for many many carriers globally.

I fixed one Nokia 6.1 in a similar problem after unlocking the bootloader. Just flash the WW modem from B2N (Nokia 7 Plus). Yes, they are compatible with each other :)

Might have to repeat after a major software update (Android Pie). Not sure.

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After october security patch my problem is finally fixed. Now 4G and mobile data are fully functional. Hope it will help everyone else

After october security patch my problem remains unresolved. I checked my sim card in another android phone, sim card no problem. My Nokia 7‘s mobile data is still not working .

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