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Camera is awful

I dont know what Nokia is doing... The camera clicks blurry picture everytime ..even sometimes in day the pics turn out to be shaky and blurry... This would be my last phone made by nokia if the camera is not improved.. its shameful.. blurry image and jittery videos ... this phone has been a nightmare... Shame ! Shame ! Shame !

Try Gcam from XDA. Other than the camera the phone is quite awesome don't you think? I know Nokia camera is messy and I urge Nokia to fully utilise the great hardware they do have

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Remove screen guard it makes picture blurry, first i also thought cam is v bad, after removing screen guard clarity is improved lot, because of air bubbles under screen guard
I dont put a screen guard in rear.. lol...
And if screen guard is a problem.. how gcam clicks well..
I'm saying for front camera, rear camera works fine
Nobody puts screen guard on rear, use some brain
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