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Issues with Sirocco

Hello friends, I would like to share my experiences with Nokia 8 Sirocco. Its been 4 months the phone works smoothly if we talk about the ease to use. However the issues am facing are as below: - I have noticed a strange thing in the screen since I purchased the phone but thought that it must be there for some reason. Actually its a small dark spot in the bottom right of the screen although it's small but I suspect it's a problem with the screen as it's more prominent in white background. - Secondly my fast charging is working in a strange manner initially it used to show 'charging rapidly' from 0-50% but now it's showing 'charging rapidly' when phone is above 50% and it's taking time to charge it's not fast. -The back panel as we ll know near the camera part gets heated up while streaming videos or using camera. -Last but not the least those crappy earphones they worked well for first two months now they don't work when plugged in, the phone automatically plays sound on speaker it's so embarrassing sometimes. I used to love Nokia a lot but am asking myself this question now am I crazy to spend that much on a phone and even after that am feeling like am using an old phone.
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Small dark spot problem with me also but on left side on my nokia 6.1

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