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When we get a update of p

I quest to please provide the update of p.

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I think we cannot get android p. Nokia can give security patch in android o And role out android p when it stable...
I think you will get it on or before 4th of October
Then why no security patch till now? Usually security updates come around 13-15 of every month. Now it's 21st already
I have the last beta with 09 security. Wait easy,It come next week....

OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie rollout started

That is not a Nokia :) I am happy with my 7+ and 9pie ;)
9 hasn't come for Nokia 7 plus. Are you talking about developer preview? Even being Android one device, if Nokia is not able to roll software update before oneplus which rolled pie today, then Nokia's team has a lot of work to do. They are not being quick as they should be.
We love nokia but nokia cannot stand with us... Nokia is too lazy

are veritably too busy to promote the new 7.1 plus and forget to press completely on the rollaut button

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I absolutely have no idea what Nokia dev team is doing.oneplus with its custom UI rolled out android pie today and it's frustrating to see that Nokia which has a clean stock UI couldn't do that.not that they're adding any additional features nor improving/optimising the UI for their devices. There's a lot to do for Nokia dev.devives with best software go a long way.i recommend Nokia heed this

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