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Does hmd wait for us to beg for sep security patch and os bug fixes camera included??

What is hmd waiting for before issuing the September 2018 android security patch on Nokia 6.1??or this device is so broken they can't even update a security patch on it??what are this community or village hero's doing about it ??are you paid to keep quite about the fact that hmd doesn't not update Nokia 6.1 2018 whenever it has issues nor offer security patch on time ! alternative push for Android 9.0 then this Oreo is unbecoming annoyingly since you can't find bugs then give us android 9.0 maybe with that you can easily update the security patch,or let us sideload it the way other OEMs ,countless do it !!

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Really hmd/community hero's you are not helping to me u might say what's the big deal it's just a security patch ,,but it started with delayed patch now even the most updated variant of 6.1 family doesn't get updates that's the Indian variant ,yesterday I read a thread an Indian with ta 1089 saying if you use third party apps to access the camera it hangs ,things like IG and Twitter and Facebook ,,,this are bugs , you might just be using it finally for charging and calling ,never on social media ,koz you cant afford WiFi or internet data plans ,that doesn't mean you won't experience this issues when u do end up needing to post a pic onto WhatsApp or tweeter later using this apps to access camera functions ,all this community hero's do is praise hmd,what will you do when all done under android one stop being update for the two years they promised ??they are testing u with a monthly patch and if u don't care about that ,then suddenly u can wait for Android pie next year around July ,then by that time android Q will be out but your two year cycle of update especially for Nokia 6.12018 would be over !!you can choose to ignore this but it will be an issue later

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Agreed,HMD is giving low priority to Nokia 6.1 than oldest and youngest device's.

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Worst experience... Never suggest nokia to anyone

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Android one is useless

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I think nokia 6 2017 received September update

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Yes, they've consistently received the monthly updates before this year's Android One devices. According to Google they have a month to sort out updates before the official Google release, meaning the delay is longer than you think. It's why I suggested an opt in beta programme to get the updates, also bypassing carrier bs etc, but nobody replied to that. Microsoft did that with their phones through the Insider Programme and each new update was available immediately regardless of carrier or phone variation.

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Why is this device broken? I use mine to run my business from and it's perfect for the job.

Are people really so desperate for a security patch on the day of release they wouldn't recommend Nokia?

I got it for my Nokia 8 personal phone and it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

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Never had a problem with mine , I think the issue is since it's an Android one device peeps expect a constant update to it .

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@tiffany please not that even mine doesn't have issues but I don't like when someone fin hangs up coz they are taking pictures ,,that's just like how iPhone 6 had touch disease and those who didn't experience it blamed those who had it by saying they are using the final wrongly ,later Apple adimited to that and decided to offer replacement as long as u had warranty or Apple care premium,,this issues affect real users although my final and occasionally hangs up ,,,which isn't a big deal but for a stock android fon I fear when things go wrongly alot of this ,complains are genuine and don't write them off just koz your fon works well,,u might loose this current one u have u buy another hmd devices and u get same issues will u keep quite ??so if u see other decry bad user experience ,late updates and poor battery and ram management please support their cry ,,u don't know when ur device might have issues maybe with android 9.0 u won't even be able to use it yet ur saying it works well now

 In term of the service, Nokia is doing best. Even, Xiaomi new phone has feature but their service is doubtful. Belive in the Nokia, they are working hard.

Is it possible that the delay is due to the inclusion of android pie? It is what i am suspecting of this delay..
I am agree with you.
Hmd does not give android 9 update for nokia6.1 i am still wait for it.
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