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Nokia 7 Plus Issues/Problems (after only 3 months )- USB-C Port, Charging, Touch Screen etc... Who is having hardware problems?

I purchased my phone in early June 2018 (05/06/2018). A few weeks after purchasing the phone I noticed that the USB-C cable would on the rare occasion disconnect and reconnect during charging, but I didn't think anything more of it and put it down to wiggle in the cable. As a power user, I sometimes use phones as they are charging whilst connected to a portable charger. When doing so with the Nokia 7 Plus I found the USB-C cable to be looser than it should, connecting and disconnecting frequently. Weeks passed and the problem continued. For example, some nights the phone wouldn't fully charge, which was obviously odd for a new phone and cable. From time to time I would needed to jiggle the cable a little to secure a connection with the USB-C port on the phone. At this time I started backing up my device to my laptop and to transfer files. The connection was not stable. The phone randomly connected and disconnected during transfers, even with slightest cable movement. In the weeks following the problem got progressively worse, to the point that I could only charge the phone when resting it in certain positions i.e. flat, and with no movement. I could no longer use the phone whilst charging it with a portable charger at the same time. I couldn't just connect the cable and charge it, it always required wiggling the cable into a position until the contact was clean with the USB-C port. Thinking it was a faulty cable, I purchased a new high quality Anker cable, but that also didn't seem to fix the problem. It was then that I realised that the problem was with the phones USB-C port, not the cable, a problem with the contact between the cable and the USB-C connector port. As problem continued to move from bad to worse, I contacted Nokia using the Nokia support app. Whilst the staff were nice, they were not helpful and didn't provide and reasonable or practical solutions. Fast forward a few weeks, I found I experienced connection problems every time I needed to recharge or backup the phone. In fact, on some occasions I needed to wind and wiggle the connection for 15 minutes or more until I could put it in a position where the phone would charge. It was extremely frustrating. See this vide- I contacted customer service again, but once again they provided little practical help, nor would they transfer me to a manager who could provide more service. I had to keep using the phone as I had no option but to tolerate the problem with patience. I read forums and started to see that my Nokia 7 Plus problems 'were not' isolated issues, with some other Nokia 7 Plus users reporting the same problems. See examples at the links below. 1. Nokia 7 plus USB C charge port issue 2. Nokia 7 Plus USB-C charging port fail in build quality 3. Common Nokia 7 Plus Problems and Fixes - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More 4. Battery charging gets automatically disconnected even though while plugged in I battled charging and backing up the phone until the complete failure of my Nokia 7 Plus on the 8th of September when the phone battery ran out of power and would no longer connect to charger to recharge because of the faulty USB-C port. Now I can no longer turn on or use my device at all. In addition to this I've had issues with the phone related to the touch screen being overly sensitive and at times unresponsive; the phone hanging and more. See the list of issue below.. 1. Touch screen sensitivity and inconsistency. I use my phone for work, making conference calls and sharing screens remotely. Quite regularly I find that parts of my screen can be completely unresponsive, requiring me to close down apps and restart. Some similar reports are here: a) Touch unresponsive; b) Nokia 7 Plus Faces Severe Touch Issues; c) Users Experience Nokia 7 Plus Touch Screen Issue 2. The phone restarting while charging like this user reported on the forum. 3. Battery drain. Despite having a large battery my battery seems to drain quite quickly, like these users reported. a) Charging slow on my Nokia 7 plus; b) Battery Drain too fast; c) Hearing issue while charging & battery draining 4. Slow charging. As the connection problem persisted, charging became slower, just like this user ( until eventually my phone stopped charging. 5. Occasional hanging. Sometimes my screen freezes and I need to refresh the screen to render it usable again, like this user. 6. Headphone recognition. Occasionally, my speaker would play even though my headphones were plugged in. I have not dropped the phone, I have not crushed it or water damaged the phone. I've cared for it immaculately, putting on a screen protector and always keeping it housed in a protective case. So the issue with the phone is not as a result of misuse, rough handling, drops or spills. It is a terrible hassle when you're NEW phone can't be used for it's most primary purpose, like making calls, simply because one of it main functions (recharging) won't work. Now I am in Brazil with an unusable 3 month old $629 brick that I cannot use. As mentioned, I work remotely. I purchased the phone in Australia but I am currently overseas for many months, not returning until late 2018/early 2019. This issue has been costing me daily in lost earnings because of not being able to use the phone for work as I travel. Without it I cannot consult with my clients and people cannot contact me. I selected a Nokia device after a lot of research, and so in good faith, bought the Nokia 7 Plus handset believing it was a good investment, good and reliable enough to carry me through my journey overseas and beyond. Only three months down the track of ownership and I am disappointed with a catastrophic failure of the device, leaving it (in it's current state) unusable. What's worse, because I am travelling customer service could not offer a reasonable solution or come to the table with an out of the box solution. After requesting to speak to a decision making manager, the app chat customer service staff member refused to pass me on and ended our conversation. Understandably I was frustrated and disappointed. My device is still under warranty. I HOPE that Nokia can come to a creative solution to keep me as a Nokia user and customer.
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