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Basic necessary features its a miss that google cant built this in built features

1)Internet traffic meter/speed meter 2)notificafion numerics 1/2/ depending on the messages received instead we only get a single dot thats stupidity 3)all messages should be arranged accordingly in one section innoticifaction column 4)I just want theme for app drwaer to be black rest all white circles in notification panel and setting looks very classy pls provide access to select every aspect of phone theme according to the user 5)app switch gestures mainbuttonshud not only switch latest two apps but also each and every app like apple phone does IF REALLY GOOGLE IS BEST THEN ADD ATLEAT ANY 4 OF THESE IN ANDROID PIE AND TELL THE RELEASE STABLE DATE ON NOKIA 6.1 PLUS INDIA ???
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m sure writing demands in block letters are to be fulfilled and that too by a company like Google or Nokia for that matter :D . Don't behave like a man child, you should have done some research before buying an Android One device.
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