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Stock Camera Version

For some reason my camera version is different to my wife's, i cant remember the exact version number of her camera but it is newer than mine that is for sure.

My camera version is:


Her Nokia 8 is only about 3 weeks old where as mine is a year old, i cant see it but it does make you wonder if there are also hardware revisions.

Hi, I have the camera version 85.9.1124.31. The phone model is TA-1004
Thank you 

So based on a not very representative of the whole user base 3 people, 3 people are all running a different camera app, how odd.

Same version here as Petrus has: 85.9.1124.31 (TA-1004). Your version looks close to version numbers of stock 8.1 ROM. My camera got a false Play Store update once and a second one to revert the wrong update. Did you apply one of these false updates?

I got all 3 of the released updates since the pro camera app was released and somehow i have ended up without a single update lol

I have the same version as Petrus and I also had the upgraded camera which they downgraded later as well.
Well this is odd, Nokia release version 90 of the camera then quickly downgrade it to version 85 and they now release version 91 with fixes for the Nokia 8. Update: Looks like version 91 is broken compared to version 90, it installs but crashes when trying to use it. @MrBelter You can get version 85 of the camera from APK mirror if you need it.

I have thought about getting the APK but surely to god at some point HMD are going to release another update that is actually meant to be and puts us all on a level playing field.

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