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Phone wont power up or charge

 I recently bought a Nokia 6.1 Plus from Nokia Taiwan the phone worked great for 6 weeks then on Saturday, September 15th 2018, I made a call using the phone when finished placed it in my pocket then approximately 5 minute after removed the phone to send a whatsapp message. When i removed the phone i observed that the phone was off I proceeded to turn on the phone by pressing the power button which did not work. Even though i knew the phone had about 90% charge before this incident i plugged in the phone using the charger and cable which came with it then tried powering it on again however nothing happened. When I returned home I used the charging brick from the box and nothing happened.

I then went online to research what could be the problem and any possible solution. On researching i tried the reset by pressing the volume  up and power button simultaneously fro at least 10 seconds however nothing happened.

Can someone please help me because NOKIA has been giving the the RUN AROUND

6.1+ being a relatively newer phone not a lot of people would have faced this problem. Best bet would be to get in touch with Nokia Service for proper analysis on what went wrong.

 I would like to get in touch with a Nokia Service Centre but they not even helpful in assisting with that

It's very hard to believe that Nokia doesn't want to help you with. Have you unlocked your phone's bootloader or rooted your phone?

 no, the phone is exactly how I purchased it. No alterations were made

then there isn't any reason why Nokia support would ditxh you!! I understand it's frustrating but you have to kind of chase them for providing you service. Ita totally fuck*d up that Nokia is doing that but that's the best bet.
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