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Android N 9.0

Wow now the OnePlus 6 also gets the official build of 9.0 and we are the ones still waiting for the official release . Will it be rolled in September or not ? Utterly disappointing Nokia .. not staying up to its words.

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How has HMD not kept it's word? Because they have not met YOUR expectations does not mean they have not kept their word. It is still September.

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I think Nokia should take some time to refine the this Nokia 7 Plus has lots of bugs (from performance issues, to screen brightness issues, apps freeze on swiping up from time to time)........... it's a really buggy phone in a little bit of wait is okay if they solve some issues
Final approval of major updates need Google approval to meet quality standards. Hence takes time. Google takes upto 90 days to approve it. Devices like OnePlus is famous for botched up updates that spoil user experience then followed up by multiple updates that they aren't sure will fix the problem. Wait you will get the update soon.

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