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Proper screen guard

Can someone help me to find a proper screen guard for Nokia 7 plus? I have gone through almost all products available in Amazon as well as Flipkart, and none of em fits perfectly to Nokia 7 plus. Due to curved edge, all of em ends up leaving bubbles on both sides.

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True..... it's really hard to get a proper screen protector......... nobody is making any.......and due to the curved glass a slight gap is there on the would be really cool of Nokia sold some screen protectors online 9n there website
Try ebay, I got a pack of 3 black full coverage curved screen protectors and they fit perfect right upto the copper trim.
share link of product
Please provide the link.
I've sent a link 3 times but it mustn't have been approved, so just type in nokia 7 plus screen protector on ebay or amazon there's loads there just look for the one with full protection and black bezel.
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