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Nokia 8 sirocco sim card is not working... i am worried how can i fix this issue.

in my Nokia 8 sirocco sim card is not working.... :(

as i bought it from UAE and i am using it in Pakistan.

as i changed an other carrier sim did't work that.

my sim is original nano .

also i checked it in safe mode, did't work 

now i have last step to reset my nokia 8 sirocco ....

how can i fix it?

As you said it was from UAE, so I think it is due to the mismatched of network frequency/band. Every country has a different network frequency. And the device meant for that country is build by taking into account the network frequency/band of that country. It my opinion, maybe m wrong.

Might be that your device is network locked. In my country as far as I know it's illegal/not allowed, not sure about UAE. You will have to take your device to your nearest Nokia dealer to install your countries firmware and remove the network lock if my suspicions are correct.

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