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Security patch

I'm still running my phone on Augusts security patch I haven't received the Septembers security patch can I know why.?

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It's due to a poor implementation of the update process. Last year models which aren't Android One device get the updates first, which is counter to what should happen. Secondly, the OS should be generic enough that only one update should be made that's applicable over all devices. Any other updates such as maintenance releases can be in a separate update. I'm sure most people wouldn't mind having a security update on the 5th of the month and a specific phone update occurring on the 20th. In most months phone specific updates probably wouldn't be required. I don't know how a supposedly security only update can be different sizes on different models. Anyways, they need to improve on their end. More new devices, and next years models, having a non generic update system on a monthly basis will just not be practical.

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When can I receive it?
On 1st October we will get September security patch...that's there update policy for our phone... Android pie soon

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Really if gonna receive the Septembers security patch update in October.! What's the name period of that security patch does make sense anyone around here.
Have they mentioned anywhere about their policies?

Exactly!!! If someone doesn't have any info on how ROMs work and how security patches are incorporated to build of each ROM, one shouldn't be creating useless threads pointing fingers and do should first learn a thing or two about ROM development first. 

True, to an extent. However, these are Treble compliant devices and are Android One. It should be mostly generic, like installing a GSI on any Treble device, and any differences can be applied via the vendor layer and addon modules. In fact, to keep up with all the devices they want to have on the market within the claimed support time, they'll have to do that. Requirements of Android One is updatedness, they need to comply with this.
Today Xiaomi A1 Android One device are receiving the September security patch. Nokia is far behind. A1 does not support Project Treble, inspite they released. #Shashank, don't do advocacy for Nokia. What they committed is supposed to be done. That's it

Subir you don't understand software terms that you agree to while purchasing a phone. Nokia committed that 6.1+ being android one device will receive regular security patches. No company will say outright that we will deliver the patch on 5th of everyone at 11:59 pm. And being called for doing advocacy for Nokia, I certainly don't care if Nokia misses a deadline as long as the update is not buggy as other brands.

Shashank, receiving security updates regularly means, receiving updates at a specified month. I.e., if it's security update for September, then it is supposed to be delivered I. That respective month, not in next month. Android is releasing the updates on getting known malwares, etc to restrict those from entering our phone. If they fails, then it is a risk of our data existing in our phone. It's simple. No complications are there.
2 security patches are to be delivered on each subsequent month. One is on 1st and 2nd is on 5th, what Google releases. It is applicable to all devices, am having pixel2, mi A1 as well. Then where is the confusion. We are still stuck on 1st August update.

Google can certainly afford to provide patches on above-mentioned dates as there portfolio is not as huge as other brands. Not being sure on what exactly Nokia is stuck m going to shut up!!

 Can the Battery drain be improved and optimized in future updates in Nokia 6.1plus?

Nokia and HMD global are making everything suspense, regarding security updates, regarding android P, regarding release of FOTA for camera or other bugs. Nothing they are revealing. Dont know what they are planning of?

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