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Camera App after Security Patch 1 August 2018 on Nokia 7 plus TA-1064

After this update I don't have a dual-sith /PiP mode on Photo shots. Is available only in Video mode. Camera App is installed from Google Play Store and is version 90.9.1125.10. Someone have this problem ?

I have the same issue with front camera after update. No Dual /PIP mode, front camera doesn't appear in resolution settings. I did a factory reset, and nothing, the problem still present. I don't know if is a software or hardware issue. I will wait for the next security upgrade or Pie upgrade to see if anything change.

Hi, The TELEPHOTO lens DOESN'T SEEM To BE WORKING ON NOKIA 7 PLUS. Even when I switch to 2x optical zoom and cover the telephoto lens with finger I can still see the image. Also the image is so noisy that it is almost unusable. I'm on Android Pie Developer Preview. September security patch. Please help ! Is this some software issue or maybe a problem with hardware?
Yesterday I did a factory reset and I solved the problem. Everything is ok, for the moment. Now I noticed that if you activate the motion picture on photo mode, PiP /dual-sight is no longer available.
@Narcis - You can make a video call, because I did the same (factory reset) but the problem still persist. The switch and resolutions settings for front camera is not present.
I'm sorry I can not. I'm at work till late, today. I, after Factory Reset, set up the phone as a new one and did not reinstall my apps and settings from backup. I reinstalled all the apps and settings manually .
10x for answer. I reinstall all apps and settings from backup. I will try a new factory reset and set the phone as a new one, see what's will happens.
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