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WiFi Calling

Hi I'm using a BT mobile SIM card which uses EE network and even with WiFi calling turned off my Nokia 8 still shows EE WiFi calling. My partner's Nokia 8 doesn't show this still and her Nokia 8 shows BT. Any ideas please as I'm thinking this could be a big.
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I have a Nokia 8 and am also on BT, if i turn Wi-Fi calling off the phone displays EE Wi-Fi Calling until it needs to search for another cell and then once it has connected to an EE cell it just shows BT as the network, my wife's exhibits the same behaviour as mine.

If you are suggesting your wife cannot get VoWiFi then put another SIM in her phone (yours will do), reboot it, let it register on the network and then reboot it again but with her BT SIM in it. When BT introduced VoLTE and VoWiFi they did say it was only guaranteed to work with BT handsets, with other handsets it was pot luck. Until i did the SIM swapping malarkey the phone the BT system showed i was using was my previous Moto G5 Plus, i did the SIM thing and it showed as a Nokia so it might be that.

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