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September patch update

When the september update will come???? Running on Android one program , the phone is still in august update 

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Yep it happened with me too
Same question I raised as well, but no reply from Nokia.

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Hahaha dude's.. this is Nokia You have to wait...藍

We need bug-fix update, hoping they working on that.

Guys, have you observe any thing about microphone, while you're speaking to someone, some times other people not able to hear our word's...I experienced this situation in Nokia X6.

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It happened with me too

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Nokia updates during start of every month for the previous month patch. So expect it next month.

I got September update,they removed the smart lock feature. Smart lock is not working.

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#AmanDemta, I also received September Update, but Smart Lock feature is existing and working as well.

Smart lock options are not showing after September updates. When you go to settings>security>smart lock>then u have to enter then pin or screen lock. But after entering the pin, no options are showing.

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Aman Demta True bro!

same problem dude

Smart lock has been removed or not working suddenly.. also losing the notification sounds sometimes
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